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Workshop #4: Spring Refresher

Miller Library

Similar to Workshop #1, this workshop will cover the basics of assessment. For those that missed the fall workshop, those who joined the college in the spring, or those who just need a refresher, this workshop will help fill the gaps in assessment knowledge. To attend, RSVP to Dr. Laura Little. The workshop will be […]

Workshop #5: Closing the Loop

Miller Library

This workshop will focus on documenting the results of action plans, also known as closing the loop. Closing the loop is a critical component of assessment and is usually the piece that is missing in formalized assessment. This workshop will cover the procedures used to close loops including when, how, and where it should be […]

Workshop #6: Preparing the Annual Assessment Report

Miller Library

This workshop is geared toward Program Directors and Department Chairs, but all faculty are welcome to attend. At the end of every academic year, each program will need to complete an Annual Assessment Report. This workshop will cover the report’s template and the information that should be included to assess the program’s effectiveness. To attend, […]