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Living, Learning, Communities

Keystone offers residential Living, Learning Communities that allow students in similar phases of development (OR with similar interests and goals) to live and study together in designated residence halls. These residential communities engage those students living there by providing more opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Living in a Living, Learning Community comes with great benefits:

  • Opportunities to live and connect with students with the same interests and academic and personal goals
  • A more rewarding on-campus experience
  • A feeling of belonging
Wildlife Society

Biological and Physical Sciences

Participate in an array of workshops, service projects, and research-based seminars that will enhance your personal and professional opportunities in the science field.

Music & Fine Arts Community

Music & Fine Arts Community

Hang out and live with other creative students who are just like you. Live in a designated residence hall with other students who are instrumentalists, singers, visual artists, sculptors, dancers, actors, poets, and authors.

Leadership & Service Community

Leadership & Service Community

You will participate in an array of workshops and service projects that will enhance your personal and professional leadership skills.

First-year Resident Student Policy

It is our policy that first year students who live outside a 50-mile radius from Keystone College and are under the age of 21 must live on campus if they are not residing with a parent or legal guardian.