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Leadership Opportunities

Keystone College believes in the importance of inspiring, motivating, and empowering our students to achieve their leadership potential! Our student leadership programs provide students with the opportunity to discover new talents and develop and strengthen communication, interpersonal and technological skills.

Companies place a high value on leadership skills and training. Keystone assists our students in realizing their leadership capabilities and encourages them to become more involved in campus life and gives them the tools needed to be successful in their careers upon graduation.

Are you ready to become a leader? Any of these options will get you on your way.

Annual Keystone College Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is held on campus, free of charge, to all Keystone students. It features concurrent workshops as well as team-building activities presented by a group of student leaders who were trained during a National Leadership Conference. These leaders have planned this on campus opportunity over the course of 3 months!

Intercollegiate Leadership

Intercollegiate is a program designed to bring together students from six local colleges and universities. Programs are held once a month at the various institutions to focus on topics such as Interpersonal and Leadership Skills, Government and Justice, Community Issues, Diversity, and Community Service.

Students can apply to Intercollegiate Leadership in the fall semester in the Office of Student Activities.

Student Government

Students can become involved in Student Government as early as their first year. We have many leadership positions available through our Student Government and executive board positions are available for nomination and petition each spring semester for the following academic year.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are selected based upon an application and interview process. Any student entering their second year or beyond can apply to be an Orientation Leader for new students!


Student Activities Crew

The Student Activities Crew helps to plan and facilitate campus events sponsored by the office of Student Activities. These positions are posted each spring semester and are chosen based upon an application and interview process.


Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are selected based upon applications and interviews. These students are selected to lead our resident student population in the residence halls.



Student Clubs and Organizations

Student-run clubs and organizations can be creatively driven, community service oriented, academic related or sports affiliated, and they are a wonderful way to meet people, travel, learn about different subjects, and gain valuable leadership opportunities.