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Teacher Certification

In order to successfully complete the education program a student must:

  • Complete the General Education and Curriculum Requirements with a minimum overall grade point average of 3.00 to graduate in a certification major.
  • Obtain a C or better in psychology, early education, education, and special education courses  and a C or better in their content courses.  Students earning lower than a C must retake the course.
  • All students must obtain a B or better in each student teaching course. Students earning lower than a B must retake the course.
  • Students must engage in field work each semester.
  • Field experience requires a minimum of 150 documented hours.

Prior to applying for certification, an exit interview is scheduled with the Certification Officer, Dr. Heather McElroy.  Students who successfully pass their certification tests may then apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for teacher certification.

Click here for essential information regarding certification from the PA Department of Eduation.