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Curriculum Lab

Future teachers can examine and experiment with a variety of tools to develop strategies that enhance learning.

All education students are encouraged to take advantage of the Keystone Education Curriculum lab to create hands-on learning activities for students. Lessons that include visible models help learners increase their understanding while solving problems and developing concepts. The education curriculum lab is a place to research ideas for instruction and create various manipulatives needed to carry out a lesson.

Practice with our lab resources and manipulatives.

Instructors and pre-service teachers will find it helpful that they will be able to practice with many of the supplies found in elementary and secondary classrooms. Our lab includes many resources such as;

  • Foam letters
  • Sorting kits
  • Base ten math blocks
  • Ellis machine with multiple die cuts
  • Computers with Boardmaker software
  • Color printer
  • Laminator
  • Cricut machine
  • Smart Board

The lab is stocked with manipulatives for all content areas, including;

  • Testing kits for science experiments
  • Research books for social studies
  • Math and reading comprehension materials