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Keystone students present research at EPA

Mar 8, 2022

Keystone psychology students Lillian Repsher, Kadie Pharr, Kylah Cookson, and Keisha Nieves Santana successfully presented their research on the experiences of local healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic at the 93rd annual meeting of the Eastern Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) conference in New York City on March 3-5.

The students interviewed six participants and analyzed the data using thematic analysis. Main themes of mismanagement, emotional and physical toll, and finding the positives, emerged. The findings suggest ongoing consideration of healthcare worker experiences and suggests management practices and systems to support increased well-being.




From left: Lillian Repsher and Kadie Pharr, both from Tunkhannock; Kylah Cookson, Simpson; and Keisha Nieves Santana, Nanticoke.

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