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Dear Members of the Keystone Community:

We know this weekend’s off-campus incident continues to be a significant concern to everyone and would like to take this opportunity update you on the situation as we are currently aware.

Mostly importantly, our campus has been, and continues to be safe. Our Campus Safety Department is working with the Pennsylvania State Police, the law enforcement agency which is responsible for investigating the incident. While the state police continue to investigate and cannot share all information, they have informed us they believe this incident was indeed an isolated one and the possible suspects are neither members of the Keystone community nor residents of the local area. Once again, they are continuing their investigation and will inform Keystone of new developments as necessary. Keystone continues to work with officials from the Borough of Factoryville to make sure that all necessary information is shared in a timely manner.

Again, we realize this has caused a great deal of anxiety and concern among many. That is why we continue to communicate the information we have available to us in an effort to be as transparent as possible. We sent out a campus-wide e-mail on Saturday and posted information on our web site as well. We also shared with the campus community that counseling for students is available through the Counseling and Well-Being Center by calling (570) 945-8309 or visiting
https://www.keystone.edu/campus-life/counseling-and-well-being-center/. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at publicrelations@keystone.edu. Thank you for your patience and concern as we proceed through this uncertain period.

Keystone College



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