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Teaching & Learning November 2021 Newsletter

Nov 8, 2021

This month’s Teaching and Learning e-newsletter coincides with National American Indian Heritage month, which runs throughout November. We’ve selected some events, resources, and information that honors and pays tribute to the rich history, culture, and contributions of the Native peoples of this land. Please share with your classes wherever possible, as this month is an opportune time to educate students about the unique challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the present, and the many ways in which tribal citizens have worked to overcome these challenges. As always, we have provided some resources to enhance teaching and learning on campus. We hope you find them informative and useful.

Sincerely, The Teaching and Learning Committee


NOV 10: Taking Children, Taking the Land: Nick Estes with Rebecca – Nick Estes – academic, author, activist, and a citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe – puts into historical context recent headlines surrounding the discovery of mass graves of Native children at Canadian residential schools. The removal of Indigenous children from their communities and families has a long genocidal legacy that persists today, well beyond the boarding school era in Canada and the United States. Nick is joined by Rebecca Nagle is an award-winning journalist and citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

NOV 12-13: We’re Still Here: Indigenous History and Persistence in New Jersey – The land now known as New Jersey has been home to the Lenape for over 14,000 years. The removal and forced displacement of Indigenous communities by European colonizers resulted in a historic diaspora. Some tribal nations, officially recognized by the state of New Jersey, maintain communities that still thrive in the state today. For federally-recognized tribal nations and First Nations located in other parts of North America, New Jersey and the greater mid-Atlantic region is an ancestral homeland. In addition, intertribal peoples and others who identify as Indigenous are a part of the rich cultural legacy of Native peoples in the state. The 2021 New Jersey History Conference will explore the history, cultural heritage, and contemporary issues facing diverse Native American communities through the lens of New Jersey studies. 

NOV 17: Representation: Depictions of Native Americans – Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month with us! Together, we will critically examine issues of representation and agency in select portraits of Native Americans from the museum’s collection. Educators will use thinking routines and analysis to discover how portraiture can illuminate complex narratives and offer perspective on who gets to tell the American story. The Zoom link will be emailed to registered participants 12- 24hours in advance of the program.


Why We Serve: Native Americans in the United States Armed Forces [Hosted by the Smithsonian] – Why We Serve honors the generations of Native Americans who have served in the armed forces of the United States—often in extraordinary numbers—since the American Revolution.

Native Cinema Showcase – The Native Cinema Showcase is a celebration of the best in Native film, with focuses on Native people boldly asserting themselves through language, healing, building community, and a continued relationship with the land. This virtual event features a total of 47 films streaming online, with many programs available worldwide and on demand.

Living Nations, Living Words: A Guide for Educators – This newly-published teacher resource from the Library of Congress provides ideas for using U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo‘s Living Nations, Living Words signature project in the classroom. With an emphasis on poetry, and sharing and elevating the voices of living Native poets, the Living Nations, Living Words project consists of two main components: a story map and a poetry collection.

Explore over 18,000 Photographs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs – Use this interactive finding aid to explore photos by Tribal Nation, Geographic Location, or Topic.

Team-based Learning as a Hybrid Teaching Strategy: Increasing Engagement During COVID Parameters, by Becky Tugman, Clemson University.

Physical Activity Researcher Podcast – The source of latest research findings in all things related to physical activity, exercise and health. World-renowned experts as guest. For news and latest updates, follow the podcast on Twitter.

Talking About Organizations is a monthly (two weeks on, two weeks off) conversational podcast about management and organization studies. Delivered in a format best described as somewhere between a reading group and a panel discussion, the podcast tackles one book/journal article/idea per episode. It is free, not-for-profit and publicly available for all to enjoy!

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