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Keystone College Prepares For New Academic Year As It Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Aug 21, 2018 | Campus News

Keystone College is getting ready for a new academic year as it continues to celebrate the 150th year of its founding.

New students will arrive on campus on Friday, August 24 beginning at 8 a.m. and will begin a series of orientation events throughout the weekend designed to better acquaint them with college life and their new classmates. Returning students will move back on campus on Sunday, August 26 and classes begin for everyone on Monday, August, 27. Total college enrollment will be just over 1,400 students.

This Year’s Freshman Class

This year’s freshman class will total approximately 335 students, an increase of about seven percent from a year ago. Students will come from 13 states across the nation including Alabama, Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana, as well as many from Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Majors such as forensic biology, wildlife biology, criminal justice, business, education, and psychology will be the most popular for members of the Class of 2022. This year will also feature the first members of the Keystone College football team to arrive on campus although competition will not begin until 2019.

What We Offer

Keystone offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree options in liberal arts and science-based programs in business, communications, education, fine arts, natural science, environmental resource management, geology, and social sciences. Located 15 minutes from Scranton, Pa. and two hours from New York City and Philadelphia, Keystone is known for small class sizes and individual attention focused on student success through internships, research, and community involvement.