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Photo caption: Keystone students Rahsaan Johnson (left) and Ross Zhangi visit with Mathewson Park Apartments resident Donna Fraser and other residents during a holiday visit by the Keystone Service Club.    

The holiday spirit was alive and well at the Mathewson Park Apartments in nearby Factoryville, Pa. thanks to a group of Keystone students who gave their own time to make the lives of others a bit more cheerful.

About 20 volunteers from the Keystone Service Club visited the senior community in early December for an afternoon of festivities and good tidings. The students prepared and served lunch to the seniors and visited with them during the afternoon. They also presented holiday cards to their hosts.

“It’s really uplifting for me,” said Mathewson Park resident Donna Fraser. “I love when the students stop by and tell me about their lives and everything that’s going on at Keystone. It’s really a great time and it picks up my spirits.”

For many senior citizens, the opportunity to visit with younger people is highly valued.

“I feel good being able to come out and socialize,” said resident Audrey Corby. “It’s just an enjoyable afternoon.”

Under the guidance of Maria Fanning, coordinator for civic engagement, the group makes regular visits to senior assisted living center as part of 26,000 hours of volunteer service performed annually by Keystone students.

“Just having the opportunity to help people is a great feeling anytime and doing it during the holiday is really special,” said Keystone student Cameron Fenix.

“I love taking the time to visit with older people who can tell me about their life experiences and I can share mine with them as well,” said student Amanda Velazquez.

Keystone has regularly been recognized for its numerous charitable acts in the community, including continued inclusion on the President’s Honor Roll for Community Service.

“Our students realize their education extends beyond the classroom and campus into the community. Helping others is a huge part of what Keystone is all about,” said Ms. Fanning.