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The Nightshade Nightstand Reader Contents

Nightshade Press History

First Name Last Name Title
Fred Chappell Foreword
Richard Abrons Berg Unbound
L.G. Bateson Kaboom!
Tamara M. Baxter Where the Fishes Swim
Michael Boccia Saint Michael and the Serpent
Alex Bosworth The Shroud of Memphis
Lisa Chewning Ashes of Roses
Tom Christian Posoli Y Menudo Adobado
Jim Clark Angel
Shirley G. Cochrane A House on Railroad Street
Judy Darke Delogu V for Violin
S.P. Elledge In Veracruz
Scott Emmert The Existential Statistcian
Nancy Heiser Observatory
Catherine D. Houghton No Experience Required
Shawn Lambert Tethered
Denis Ledoux Ordinandis Ordinandum
Carolyn Johnson Lewis Wings to Follow
R. Louis Marino The Best Laid Plans
Carole Spearin McCauley Night of the Ecumenicals
Jane Ann McNeish Tatooz
Tara Menon Intruder
Stacy Milbouer The Klutcha Kup
Joseph Monninger Dry Strike
Michelle A. Moore Cats and Cowboys
Timothy Normandin The Sky’s the Limit
Patricia O’Donnell The Cloth-Covered Box
C. Marcus Parr The Consolation of Words
Rachel Astarte Piccione Optimo Saliva
Matthew Roberson Raised Hands
Ann Robinson Near Moon
Karen Saum The Lover
Don Scalf The Saving
Briggs D. Seekins Fish Guts
George Singleton Why My Eyes Don’t Water Now
Douglas Thornsjo A Folktale
John Keith Wood Fifteen Billion Years of Darkness & This Year’s Crop of the Century
Tom Yori Imaginations