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For Professor Jeff Brauer, teaching at Keystone College is a unique and gratifying experience because of the immense diversity of the students on campus. “While students come from all different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and viewpoints, there is an incredible sense of respect and care on this campus that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Jeff enjoys teaching at Keystone mainly because of the students he works with on a daily basis. “The students at Keystone are simply good people, the real deal,” he says.

“Having a practitioner as a professor helps the students go way beyond traditional textbook learning.”

Educational Discipline

Jeff is especially drawn to Social Science and Behavioral Science because it relates to his specific area of study, Public Policy. For Jeff, Public Policy encompasses fundamental problem-solving skills necessary for the good of a community. “It is about critical thinking and innovations to address the most pressing needs of society. It is about improving people’s lives and making our communities better places,” he says.

Jeff strives to incorporate problem-solving and critical thinking skills into the classroom on a regular basis. “We try to save the world in every class. What could be more noble, interesting, and fun than that?”

Small Classes Create Active Classrooms

The small class sizes at Keystone allows him to get to know his students and allows the students to get to know each other. “This creates a bonding experience which enhances the learning experience. Students become partners in learning, and I can gear the course to the interests and personality of each class.”

Experiential learning is also critical to Jeff, making sure his students are active participants in the classroom. “Interactive activities, projects, and service learning gets the students to apply and process the concepts learned in class. Interacting with students makes teaching and learning much more enjoyable.”

Bringing the Real World to the Classroom

As a hands-on political scientist, Jeff actively participates in the community, regularly working together with many political leaders from local to international levels. “In return, my students have access to these leaders through guest lectures, conference calls, and field trips. They get to learn directly from the experts, which pushes the students to the next level.”

Jeff also works as a political analyst and is often interviewed for numerous newspapers, television news, and radio media outlets.