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Watershed Explorers – KCEEI Summer Course

About Watershed Explorers

Summer Field Experience Course for K-12 Educators & Community

Watersheds are one of the most basic units of our natural world – they sustain life, supply our drinking water, support industry and provide habitat to plants and animals. Activities that occur in one portion of a watershed directly impact every organism living in downstream waterways and land. This hands-on course explores the essential role of water, the inter-disciplinary nature of environmental issues, and strategies for watershed protection. Key topics include human impact on the watershed, water movement through the forest, applied stream ecology, water quality monitoring, drinking water quality, groundwater issues, global water issues, lake ecology, and wetlands.

Hands-on experiences include fish sampling, biological monitoring, measuring water flow, identifying plankton, zooplankton, macro invertebrate, water sampling etc. Field experiences will utilize the outdoor classroom on the 170 acre Woodlands campus including over 7 miles of hiking trails, ponds, streams, forests, and fields.

Dates: June 25 – July 1, 2022
Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: Woodlands Campus
Fee:  $350 per person

Keystone College Environmental Education Institute

Kelley Stewart, Director of KCEEI
Email: kelley.stewart@keystone.edu

Registration Options:

Credit for current and graduate students:

3 undergraduate or graduate credits
Undergraduates, add BIOL 2012
Graduates add BIOL 5150

Credit for
visiting students: 

3 undergraduate credits
Choose Summer 21-22 Summer Terms (UG) from the dropdown and then add Special Topics: Watershed Explorers BIOL 2012

Non-credit for Act 48 Hours, NEIU-19, CPE Credits, or Personal Enrichment

Pay online with a credit card.