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Junior Beekeeping

About the Program

When: First Saturday of the month
Where: Keystone College Jennings Hall, Keystone Apiary
Who:   Interested Youth Ages 8 to 16 who have an interest in pollinators, honey bees and beekeeping
What:   Introduction to beekeeping and honey bees

Description:  This program is intended to introduce youth to the practice of keeping bees, honey bee biology, and the basics of proper management.  The goal of the junior beekeeping program is to foster an appreciation of pollinators with the focus on honey bee species, Apis melifera, while increasing knowledge of best management practices guided by scientific research.

Introduction to Beekeeping

  • Basic Honey Bee Biology
  • Identifying the Queen, Workers and Drones
  • Parts of the Hive
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Pests & Diseases
  • In-the-Hive Experience
  • Honey Extraction (Harvesting, Extracting and Bottling)
  • Other Honey Bee Products

Included:  All equipment is provided. 

Meeting Dates:
First Saturday of the Month
The first Saturday of the Month
October – December and March – September
11 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Cost: $300/year
Join us for free on April 29 to learn about the program. 


  • April 29: Learn the bees’ knees, other biology and what equipment you would need to get started.
  • May 6: Learn the ins and outs of how bees build their own home by inspecting a hive in our own apiary!
  • June 3: Let’s catch some swarms!
  • July 1: Discover how we can help protect our bees from pests and illness.
  • August 5: Who are the other Pollinators in our neighborhood?
  • September 2: Investigate a sticky board to find clues on colony health
  • October 7: Learn best practices for supporting bees through the winter.
  • November 4: Review of class time and test your skills!
  • December 2: Join Keystone College for our Holiday Workshop, and learn how to turn bees wax into a gift!

Keystone College Environmental Education Institute

Kelley Stewart, Director of KCEEI
Email: kelley.stewart@keystone.edu

Meet the Instructors: Keystone College Apiary Beekeepers 

Casie Berkhouse – Casie started working with beekeepers at the age of 8 and continued to learn off of experience beekeepers in New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Casie is an instructor for the Keystone College Beekeeping Certification Program.

Shanon Hornung – Shanon is a senior Environmental Biology major who will be entering into the Keystone College graduate studies for Wildlife Biology in the fall. She is in her third year of beekeeping and will continue her focus on honey bees through her graduate studies. Inspired by her passion for honey bees, Shanon created the Keystone Keepers Club for interested beekeeping students and those who enjoy honey bees.

Keystone College Apiary Student Beekeeper 

Lee Tremmel – Lee is a Junior pursuing an Environmental Science degree.  As a student beekeeper, Lee is always available to help with apiary tasks. Lee also runs the KC Greenhouse and is an active participant in many campus clubs.