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Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

Parental support is important to the success of students.  We offer various tips to help you help your son or daughter, achieve his or her best.

Help us to help your student.

  • Become a partner with us in the success of your student
  • Understand that adjusting to the college experience and workload can be stressful
  • Learn what college life is like and what to expect
  • Prepare to deal with your student’s homesickness and perhaps your own “empty nest” syndrome
  • Attend Family Day, if possible, scheduled for approximately 3-4 weeks into the semester
  • Encourage your student to ask questions
  • Suggest that your student become familiar with campus
  • Emphasize the importance of eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep
  • Encourage your student to put together a weekly schedule that includes time for classes, studying, eating, socializing, and sleeping
  • Emphasize the importance of getting used to the amount of reading early in the semester and caution your student about procrastinating
  • Remind your student that help is available from advisors, counselors, faculty, tutors, residence hall staff, and others
  • Encourage your student to attend athletic events and student activities
  • Stay in touch with your student, but also allowing them room to grow