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COVID-19 Dashboard

Data Reflects Current Information as of December 3, 2021

Positive Test Results – Students


Positive Test Results – Employees


Dear Members of the Keystone College Community:

We are providing this update to keep you informed with respect to developments involving possible and active COVID-19 cases on campus. Please note, we are posting new case information on a daily basis on our COVID-19 Dashboard. Our purpose is to keep everyone informed as we continue through these challenging times together.

As a reminder, it is critical that everyone follow all safety regulations and guidelines, regarding practices such as getting vaccinated, wearing masks/face coverings, and other steps we have outlined on our web page. Thank you for your continued cooperation in acting responsibly to protect ourselves and each other.

Campus Metrics Summary as of December 3, 2021

  • Current Positive Cases: 4 students (4 off campus); 0 employees
  • Recovered Cases: 2
  • Quarantine: 7 (0 on campus; 7 off campus; 0 employees)

Note: Not all students placed in quarantine are positive cases. Some students are placed in quarantine out of an abundance of caution as a result of contact tracing. 

Letters from President Brundage

Please see the latest announcements from President Brundage to the campus community.

Covid-19 Plan

For the most recent information about Keystone College’s COVID-19 response, please visit keystone.edu/covid.