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Grievances for Educational Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services, within the Academic Affairs division, functions as the central point for accommodations in the educational environment for students. Under the direction of the Director of the Learning Center, the Office of Disability Services has the responsibility of reviewing requests for accommodations from students and ensuring equitable access to the educational environment for students with disabilities.

If the student believes the accommodation(s) provided are not reasonable or not being met, or if the student’s requested accommodation is denied, the College has developed the procedure below to assist the student in the grievance and appeal process. The goal is to resolve concerns quickly and at the lowest level.

  • Informal Process
    Students with disabilities should first discuss their situation with the Director of the Learning Center who is responsible for overseeing Disability Services. Most disability-related issues or complaints about accommodations, services, faculty, other campus departments, programs, or facilities are generally resolved at this level.
  • Formal Process
    If the student believes their concern is not resolved through the informal process, the student may request the formal process. In order to initiate the formal process, the student will complete a Grievance Form that is available from the Office of Disability Services and submit it to the Director of the Learning Center. An appointment will be scheduled between the student, Associate Dean of the Miller Library & Learning Center, and Director of the Learning Center. Other college personnel may attend at the request of the Director of the Learning Center or the student. An ad-hoc committee consisting of college personnel selected by the Associate Dean may be enlisted to adequately review the grievance.

Meetings for the formal process will be scheduled within five (5) business days from receipt of the completed Grievance Form. Before the meeting, the involved individuals will review the student’s form and documentation contained within the student’s record in Disability Services. Following the meeting, a notice of the decision will be made in writing and provided to the student within ten (10) business days.

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