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Disability Housing Accommodations

Procedure for Requesting Disability Housing Accommodations

Disability Services works closely with Residence Life to respond to the individual needs of students with disabilities. Housing options for Keystone College students include rooms in traditional corridor-style, suites, and apartment style residence halls.
All students must submit a completed Housing Application during their designated selection process. Students requesting disability related housing accommodations should first go through the standard Residential Life housing process.

Requests for disability housing accommodations must be submitted by the same deadline as the housing application.

  • Students currently in housing who wish to apply for the following academic year must submit requests according to the housing process specific to you. Each academic year, students with active housing accommodation need to meet with the Director of the Learning Center to review the current accommodations and renew them for the next academic year.
  • Students currently in housing who wish to apply for the current academic year must submit requests immediately. Once your housing accommodation is determined, your room change will occur as soon as a space becomes available.

Disability Housing Accommodation Request Forms

After completing a Housing Application, students looking for housing accommodations must submit the Disability Housing Accommodation Request form. They must also have their physician complete the Information about Student’s Disability form.

Students must submit disability documentation that follows the Disability Documentation Guidelines. Documentation must be recent; updated and/or additional documentation may be required on a case-by-case basis. It is important that the documentation establish a direct connection between the disability and the requested housing accommodation(s). Students requiring Service Animals or Emotional Support animals should refer to the Service Animal Policy or Emotional Support Animal Policy.

Students must schedule a consultation with Disability Services prior to the Disability Housing Accommodation Request deadline to discuss their housing accommodation requests. Please schedule a consultation by either making an appointment or contacting Disability Services at 570-945-8988 or