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Accommodations for Current Students

Renewing Accommodations

Accommodations are only valid for the semester in which the student has requested them. Students must renew their accommodations each semester in order for their plan to be active. To renew accommodations, students must make an appointment with Disability Services using the link here.

Additional Accommodations

Students with accommodations may request for additional accommodations that are not currently part of their plan. Please note that the review process can take several weeks so it is important requests are made early. Such request can be made by filling out the Additional Accommodations Form.

Proctoring Center

The Test Proctoring Center may be used by students who are approved to use it through their accommodation plan. Students who are unsure if this is a part of their plan can look at their accommodation letter or ask the Office of Disability Services.

In order to use the Proctoring Center, the student and their professor must complete an online request form. This form must be filled out for each test. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the professor in advance that they plan to utilize the Proctoring Center for a particular exam.


Tutoring is no-charge to all students actively enrolled at the College and is a great resource for students struggling in a class or think they will struggle. Students can make a tutoring appointment using the link here or they can stop by the front desk of the Miller Library.

Campus Directory

Having trouble finding your advisor’s or professor’s contact information? The name of your primary academic advisor is located at the top of your schedule and professors’ names are listed in the middle portion of the schedule below the courses they teach. Schedules can be accessed through myKC. Use this link to the Campus Directory to find their email, office number and office location.

Professor Office Hours

All professors are required to have office hours on a weekly basis. Their availability is typically listed on the top of their syllabus or on their office door. Some professors will meet “by appointment” which requires the student to reach out in-person, by phone, or via email to schedule a date and time.

Some courses don’t have tutoring available through the the Tutoring Center, so working directly with the professor is the recommended option.

Counseling and Well-Being Center

The Office of Disability Services promotes the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our students. The Counseling and Well-Being Center at Keystone College provides compassionate, quality counseling and well-being services to our students. For more information please visit the Counseling and Well-Being Center’s webpage.

Residence Life

Disability Services and Residence Life work closely to respond to student’s individual needs in providing housing accommodations. Students may submit a request for housing accommodations to Disability Services during the housing application process. Please visit the Disability Housing Accommodations page for more information about how to apply for housing accommodations.

If you would like to discuss your accommodations or have concerns about a class or available support services, please be sure to make an appointment with the Office of Disability Services using the link here. We are here to help!