Faculty/Staff FAQs

How long will I work remotely?
At this point, all faculty and staff who are deemed to be non-essential staff will work remotely until further notice. This is a fluid and ever-changing situation and employees should watch for updates.

Will I be paid?
The College is committed to continue paying normal salaries for all full- and part-time staff through the end of the fiscal year (May 31, 2020) and all faculty until the end of their contract period.

I am unable to work remotely. What should I do?
Please speak with your supervisor to determine if other work can be assigned to you.

Are faculty and staff allowed access to their offices? (Updated March 20, 2020)
The physical campus is currently closed. There are only a small number of essential personnel allowed to be on campus for security and safety. If you are unsure of your category, please contact your supervisor.

How do I access Microsoft Office while learning and working remotely?
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is available at no charge to Keystone students and employees in web, desktop, and mobile versions. Click here and log in with your Keystone email address and password. Pick the install option to download a desktop or mobile version or use icons on the page to access web versions. Click here for detailed PC/Mac installation resources and here for training resources available.