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Alumni Board President

Dear Fellow Keystonians,

Keystone Alumni Association Board President Don CadmanAs your newly elected president of the Keystone College National Alumni Association Board, I am writing to introduce myself and outline some great things happening at Keystone College.

On July 1, Dr. Tracy Brundage became our 11th president. Since the start of her tenure, Dr. Brundage has already attended all organized alumni events and has taken the time to meet and have a conversation with all in attendance. We are honored she is leading our college and our future alumni.

Now, as we celebrate our 150th Anniversary with a year-long celebration, we are reaching out to alumni and asking you to reconnect not only with Keystone but with your fellow alumni and be an active Keystone ambassador. We are 17,000 strong and can provide a source of strength to the College and each other. While our time on campus passed too quickly, we are forever bound by the common experiences we shared. Your Alumni Board is actively brainstorming ways for all alumni to network and socialize and we welcome suggestions.

Reconnect with Keystone

Become an active Keystone College alumnus and attend Homecoming and other alumni events or join your Alumni Association Board. The Alumni Board consists of several members and meets at least three times per year with committees meeting monthly. There are four committees and each member must serve on at least one:

  • Engagement Committee: Plan a minimum of two events per semester engaging students and alumni
  • Fundraising and Golf Committee: Plan and execute all fundraising and sit on Keystone Open Committee
  • Scholarships and Awards Committee: Review scholarship applications, mini-grant proposals, and alumni awards
  • Nominations and Membership Committee: Oversee all nominations and recruit alumni to the board

I urge all interested alumni to contact the Director of Alumni Engagement, at 570-945-8168 or or feel free to email me at with any questions or ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Over the next few months, we will be sharing more information about opportunities to re-connect with fellow alumni. We value your input and would welcome your ideas and recommendations.

Don Cadman ’77