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KC Encompass Program

Savings. Convenience. Success.

At Keystone College, we take great strides to provide an excellent and affordable college education. We have received national recognition for meeting our students’ financial aid needs and for the levels of debt our graduates incur. We are proud of our record and our commitment to student success.

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a troubling trend among our students. Many are going without required textbooks and course materials and, as a result, are not as a successful as they otherwise would be. Consistent with our commitment to student success, we are addressing this problem creatively with our new, innovative program, KC Encompass.

How the KC Encompass Program Works

The KC Encompass program incorporates the cost of texts as part of the overall Keystone tuition, eliminating the difficulty many college students face in being able to afford the textbooks they need for class after paying for tuition, room and board.

By incorporating the cost of texts as part of tuition, Keystone students will have access to all of the texts they need – whether offered in electronic or traditional hard-copy format. As an added benefit, students will be given a free tablet to access required online texts.

3 out of 4 students say having a book helps them get better grades

What do students say is the most important factor when purchasing course materials?


Frequently Asked Questions About KC Encompass

I enjoy using hard-copy textbooks. Can I opt out of the program?

No. We have implemented this program with a digital focus, meaning students will receive only digital course materials. If a digital version of a particular text is not available, students will receive a traditional hard-copy textbook. Students may always purchase traditional textbooks outside of the KC Encompass program at their expense.

Can I use my own tablet?

Yes, students can access digital course materials from any device that connects to the internet. Using a tablet, users will need to download an application to access materials. Using a computer, users will visit a website and login to access materials. Students will receive a tablet as part of the KC Encompass program that will remain their property following graduation from Keystone. However, students who use their own tablet will not receive a discount or be able to exchange their device.

I’m a part-time student; can I participate in KC Encompass?

Yes, part-time students will participate in KC Encompass; however, they will not receive a tablet. Part-time students who wish to purchase a tablet can do so at the Campus Shoppe on the second floor of the Hibbard Campus Center.