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Forensic Biology, B.S.

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Forensic Biology Degree

A forensic biology degree will prepare you to recognize, collect, and analyze physical evidence pertaining to legal issues and investigations.

Why Study Forensic Biology?

Connect one-on-one with faculty, fellow students, and other professionals through classroom instruction, hands-on learning, and internships:

  • Participate in a core natural science foundation built on the fundamentals of forensic science.
  • Engage with faculty and peers through research experiences, the senior seminar, and capstone research projects, and present your work at the annual research symposium and regional and national conferences.
  • Learn to recognize, collect, and analyze physical evidence in criminal and civil law.
  • Gain hands-on analytical and instrumental experience studying forensic biology, forensic chemistry, forensic microscopy and trace evidence, and forensics methods validation.

Receive personalized attention and top-notch instruction in a supportive environment:

  • Our Stairs to Success developmental plan for success will guide you through your time at Keystone.
  • 92% of students receive financial aid.
  • Over 150 scholarships are awarded yearly.

What can I do with a forensic biology degree?

Upon graduation, students may attend graduate or medical school or pursue careers in crime laboratory analysis, crime scene investigation, and medical examination. The program is also ideal for students preparing to be forensic scientists in private, state and federal crime laboratories. Because this program has a core natural science foundation, it is also an appropriate major for students looking to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, education, law, and law enforcement.

Career Options

  • Crime Lab Analyst
  • Fingerprint Analyst
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Medical Examiner
  • Pathologist
  • Toxicologist


  • Clinlogix
  • DNA Labs International
  • MTF Biologics
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Sema4
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific


Dr. Vicki Stanavitch
Program Director for Public Health


Giant Profile: Corey Allegrucci

Corey Allegrucci
“Keystone prepared me for my career by providing the knowledge necessary to succeed. The support of faculty and everchanging curriculum played a critical role in getting the job as a scientist at Quest Diagnostics.”

Exceptional experiences.
Giant outcomes.


Keystone student-to-faculty ratio


increase in jobs over the next 10 years


Keystone students employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation


Median annual salary for forensic biology


Amazing opportunities—on campus and beyond

From internships and experiential learning opportunities to travel and conferences, you’ll have many opportunities to conduct real-world experiences, work with your peers and mentors in your chosen field, and learn first-hand the latest skills to succeed in the real world.


Participate in a foundational experience focused in the biological sciences through extensive classroom instruction, guided laboratory experiences, and independent research experiences.


Connect with professionals through  hands-on learning and internships such as: Geisinger Health Systems, UPMC, Pfizer, Quest Diagnostics.

Explore the sciences, including biology at Keystone College
Science Students With Nicole Diette


The Forensic Science Club of Keystone College provides student members with the opportunity to participate in activities pertaining to science to help prepare for a career in forensic science.

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Featured Faculty

Kayleigh Delfino, MPH

Kayleigh Delfino, MPH

Laboratory Manager and Instructor of Biology and Public Health
Erin Johnson, MPH

Erin Johnson, MPH

Laboratory Assistant and Instructor of Biology and Public Health
Paul Lawrence, PhD

Paul Lawrence, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry  
Youyu Phillips, PhD

Youyu Phillips, PhD

Professor of Mathematics  
Patrick M. Ratchford, PhD

Patrick M. Ratchford, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics  
Vicki A. Stanavitch, PhD

Vicki A. Stanavitch, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health and Chair of Biological and Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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