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DATE:  August 3, 2022

POSITION: Education: Education Student Lab and Clerical Assistant

DEPARTMENT:  Education department Contact; Dr. Arcangelo;

Email karen.arcangelo@keystone.edu

JOB PURPOSE:  Student Clerical Assistant.  Duties include: typing, organizing and displaying material, providing resources to assist students with projects


  • Students may not work more than 10 hours per week
  • Once a schedule has been agreed upon, it is the responsibility of the student employee to:
    • Arrive at work on time, ready to perform position-related activities.
    • Notify supervisor in a timely manner if the he or she is unable to arrive at work on time.
    • Be considerate and reliable. Student workers represent Keystone College and must maintain the same standards expected of all faculty and staff.
    • Dress appropriately. In positions requiring regular contact with the public, attire conveys a degree of professionalism.
    • Perform work to the best of her/his ability and act in the best interests of the College.
    • Refrain from all personal activities, such as reading, phone calls, social networking, or class work or club activities during hours of employment; and refrain from using office equipment for personal reasons.


Ability to prepare correspondence and documents in Microsoft Word, ability to file, conducts inventory of supplies and materials, assists students with locating supplies/materials.

TO APPLY:  Please apply by visiting the Student Work Study Page on our website and clicking the Apply for a Work Study Job.  Must be current Keystone College student and eligible for work study grant to apply.  Visit our web page: http://www.keystone.edu/jobs_at_keystone/student-employment/


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