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About Erika

Erika Acevedo is a mixed media artist located in Pennsylvania. She has been creating art since the 2nd grade. Most of her knowledge came from classes at Keystone College and Moore College of Art.

Awareness is the main goal that she aims to achieve. Her paintings are
inspired/focused on historical and current social justice issues. Bringing attention to common complications we face as a whole through collaged paintings. Research and experiments are the most important parts in putting together her artwork.

Her creative process involves plenty of newspapers, research on a particular issue and together dissect the most important pieces to collage them together into a painting.

In my work I strive to make my processes visible in the finished product. I begin by researching both historical and contemporary social justice issues, selecting those that resonate more strongly. Working to find the best manner in which to visibly depict them. I am particularly drawn to the use of mixed mediums and the process of painting within collaged materials.

With each piece, I spend considerable time working through small studies and/or experiments with materials prior to beginning what becomes a “finished” piece. 

I would like the viewer to understand the images, yet allow some room for interpretation. I am inspired by the artist Kara Walker, who also depicts the social injustice of minorities specifically African Americans.


Becoming Poster

Senior Art Exhibition: "Becoming..."

We are the 2021 graduating seniors from Keystone College's Visual Arts program. Join us as we pay tribute not only to the profession as a whole but to the individual artists themselves. Their dedication and hard work have brought them to this launching point in their careers as professional artists.

Location: AFA Gallery, 101 Penn Ave., Downtown Scranton
Exhibit Opening: April 2, 6–9 p.m.
Exhibit on display: April 2–May 1, 2021
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday, noon–6 p.m.
CDC rules: Max 15 people, social distancing, and masks required

Senior Exhibition Artists