Garden-Based Learning – Digging in the Dirt – KCEEI Summer Course for Educators

This course explores the science behind growing healthy foods and will refresh content knowledge around soil science, weather impacts, decomposition, garden insects, microclimates, photosynthesis, plant compatibility, propagation, water impacts, cycles of nature, pollination, nutrition and more. Participants will learn about connections between access to healthy foods and learning outcomes and how schools can build, use, fund and gain support for traditional and non-traditional schoolyard and community gardens as resources that bring learning to life across all academic disciplines including science, technology, math, history, language arts, geography, consumer science and more. Interested educators will have an opportunity to work with KCEEI staff to develop a step-by-step plan to build their own schoolyard garden.

Location: Keystone College Environmental Education Institute (Lackawanna Hall)
Dates & Times: TBA. Call (570) 575-3927 for more information.
Fee:  Non-credit Course Fee = $315 / For-credit Course Fee = KC tuition rate

KCEEI course registration includes instruction, materials, resources, meals and field trips. Credit options include NEIU-19 Act 48 hours, and (for an additional fee) 3 NEIU CPE credits, 3 Keystone College undergraduate credits and 3 Wilkes University graduate credits. Each credit option has different deliverables.

For information: Call Sharon Burke at (570) 575-3927 or email

All KCEEI courses use a combination of interactive discussion, field work, case studies, debates, readings, and engaging presentations by industry professionals. They are designed to improve educator’s own environmental literacy and demonstrate how to use our outdoor environment as a real world learning laboratory to teach new concepts across multiple academic disciplines and introduce students to career pathways. Teachers will develop a project-based learning curriculum in their own subject area for use in their own classroom or teaching space.

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