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Matthew P. Cirba

Instructor of Information Technology

Business, Management, and Technology | School of Professional Studies

Everything about Keystone College is special. It’s an opportunity and phase of life that you will remember. I know at Keystone College, students will enjoy their studies, be innovative, experience special moments with mentors, friends, and peers, but also live life to the fullest. You’ll keep moving ahead in a step-by-step manner and your college experience will make you strong enough to the face the world!


Education – Degrees

  •  A.S., Johnson College
  • B.S., Keystone College
  • M.S. Ed., Wilkes University

Certifications – Professional Work

  • CompTIA A+ Certified
  • CompTIA Net+ Certified
  • CompTIA Security+ Certified
  • CompTIA Linux+ Certified
  • CCNA Network Associate Certified
  • ACM Certified Professional Member
  • SABR Certified Sabermetrics from Boston University

As an undergraduate student, I participated in a research study as a senior, which was under the direction of Dr. Brian Wentz. In 2011, our research study was to analyze the perspective of usability and evaluate the accessibility and usability of blogging platforms for blind users. In addition, another research study I participated in 2013 was researching different issues, concerns, and risks towards security when utilizing cloud computing technologies within organization’s networks. This was completed as a side project while attending Wilkes University, and I was able to gain a publication in the Association of Computing Machinery’s database.

As a student and educator, I have traveled through northeast regions of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts to interview, study, and share conversations of different perspectives pertaining to utilization procedures of technology and improving usability to help accommodate all. On the side, I also help and manage web development projects and sites for local organizations, and offer help through contracting. In my spare time, I like reading, playing music on my guitar, watching movies, and traveling to various locations. The world is so big, get out that and experience as much as you can including places, people, foods, and culture.