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David W. Porter, MA

Professor of Art and Program Director of Visual Arts

Communication, Art, and Humanities   |   Turock School of Arts and Sciences

Brooks Theatre 103

I love Keystone because it is an agile, intimate College, and a place where a student can be known on a personal level and most importantly by their individual, educational, and career goals.


Professor Porter has been an art educator at Keystone College since 2000, before which he was a mobile art therapist for families, and for 22 years held positions including: graphic artist, graphic designer, senior designer, illustrator, art director, and creative coordinator for publications including: The Sacramento Bee, Muskegon Chronicle, and Sunday and Scranton Times/Tribune newspapers, and SolarAge and other trade magazines. He also served as an information designer for the Virginia state legislature. He provides a client-centered, service-learning approach to his design instruction, partnering with community leaders advocating preservation of the environment; the healthcare and rights for women, children, animals, immigrants, the people of Haiti, and other community organizers in the spirit of the American Institute for Graphic Arts [AIGA] “Design for Good” program.

Education – Degrees & Certifications

  • MA in Art Therapy from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Graduate work in painting at California State University in Sacramento, California
  • BFA in Design and Illustration from Tyler School of Fine Art of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professor Porter’s recent graphic design and illustration development and service experience has been in the context of the many respectful relationships he holds with artists, community leaders, non-government organizers, and cultural immersion translators, guides, and mentors of Haiti. He has designed logos, developed study abroad experiences, and is working on a documentary film in partnership with his friends of Haiti. He sponsors a Keystone College International Education and Peace Scholar from Haiti.

  • Drawing and Composition I
  • Electronic Media in the Arts
  • Two-Dimensional Design
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design II: Intermediate Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design III: Advanced Graphic Design/Senior Seminar
  • Introduction to Digital Illustration as High School Regional Arts Workshop
  • Introduction to Animation as High School Regional Arts Workshop
  • 1995 Keystone Press Award, Second place for graphic illustration entitled “Handywoman”
  • 1991 Michigan Press Association Awards, First place for Special Editorial Section entitled “History of Lumbertown”
  • 1991 Michigan Press Association Awards, Second place for Special Section Cover entitled “MC²”
  • 1991 Michigan Press Association Awards, Third place for Special Section Cover entitled “Parade of Homes”
  • 1982 Folio Magazine Award: Second place for best four-color, direct-mail, trade-magazine brochure
The study of community imagery and the public display of visual expression has been a primary focus of Professor Porter’s research and experience. He has also researched and facilitated graphic design as a service-learning field of study since 2001. This research brings community partners into his classroom and provides students with the opportunity to work directly with these clients. His own work explores the integration of traditional pen and ink illustration with digital illustration techniques and his latest research endeavor is to produce a documentary of the band 2 Rasin [pronounced du-raw-seen and is Haitian Kreyol meaning 2 Roots in English] and the advocacies of its members.

Professional Contributions and Artwork

Professor Porter’s primary professional development continues to be the mastery of current and evolving technology for design while preserving traditional design theory and methods. He teaches students how to relate to clients directly through his service learning graphic design programming and fosters learning about methods for ongoing learning about and integration of both digital and traditional design and illustration techniques at professional standards.