Keystone College has added an important new educational component to the recently introduced Keystone Commitment loan repayment program.

Introduced in 2016, The Keystone Commitment is a pledge to all first-time, full-time freshmen students pursuing baccalaureate degrees beginning in the fall of 2017. Under the program, which is provided free of charge, Keystone graduates working at least 30 hours per week and earning less than $40,000 per year will receive loan repayment assistance based on their annual income.

The Keystone Commitment is offered in conjunction with the LRAP Association, based in Lisle, Il. ( LRAP has partnered with the non-profit organization American Student Assistance ( to offer ASA’s Salt financial literacy program. Now, Salt will be offered free of charge as part of the Keystone Commitment.

Salt (which is so named because the mineral salt was once used as a universal currency) helps college students and graduates become better informed about key financial issues which impact their lives. The program includes educational courses and resources to help with money management and budgeting, student loan repayment, and credit and debt management.

Also included are tools to assist with searches for scholarships, jobs and internships, and a helpful “know what you owe” debt dashboard. Support systems such as live-chat, telephone and e-mail communications, a live discussion forum, and social media engagement help answer questions and resolve issues.

“The Salt program offers valuable guidance to help our students understand and navigate their way through important and complex financial issues,” said Keystone Vice President of Enrollment Dr. Janine Becker. “This is one more important tool that our student can take with them after they graduate to help them succeed in life.”

The Keystone Commitment, and now the Salt program, complements the college’s well-known Keystone Promise, which pledges that graduates will be accepted into a graduate program or receive at least one job offer within six months of graduation or have the option of returning to Keystone for additional coursework or career guidance. For more information on The Keystone Promise and The Keystone Commitment, visit