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Photo caption: The Inaugural Cultural Immersion Program, held in August, 2016, included scholars from Mongolia, pictured with Professor Jay Nathan, Ph.D., center, and Keystone College President David Coppola, PhD.

About the Cultural Immersion Program

Students from five nations will have the opportunity to live and learn in the United States thanks to a new program at Keystone College sponsored by The Professor Jay Nathan, Ph.D. Endowed Cultural Immersion Program Scholarship.

The cultural immersion program will host 5-10 scholars from the nations of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, Nepal, and India for a three-to four-week period during the summer.

The scholars will live at Keystone College, La Plume Campus, and participate in educational programs and discussions on campus and throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. They will also visit other cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

“We are sure the students will enjoy their experience on our beautiful campus and learn a great deal about life in the United States.” ~ Keystone College President Dr. David Coppola. 

professor-nathan-phdThe cultural immersion program is being made possible through funding and expertise provided by Professor Jay Nathan, Ph.D. a long-time resident of Lackawanna County and Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Nathan has a long and distinguished career in international business and in helping students from poor and developing nations, especially economically disadvantaged, who can experience the benefits of cultural diversity. Among his career accomplishments, Dr. Nathan was a Fulbright Scholar to Kazakhstan, and a visiting professor and doctoral adviser at Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan. He is an Honorable Professor at Karaganda University of Economics in Kazakhstan and is a recognized author and expert on the Kazakhstan economy and culture.

The cultural immersion program will enable the international students to visit the United States to improve their English skills and explore some of this country’s history, government, and culture. They will receive instruction in topics such as reading and vocabulary, writing, and conversation. Students will also experience American history and culture through a variety of day and weekend activities locally and in other East Coast cities.

“We are looking forward to hosting students from other nations during the second year of The Professor Jay Nathan, Ph.D. Cultural Immersion Program,” said Keystone College President Dr. David Coppola. “We are sure the students will enjoy their experience on our beautiful campus and learn a great deal about life in the United States. Everyone in the Keystone community is happy to welcome our visitors from abroad. Just as important, we will also learn more about their lives and their respective cultures and countries during their time on campus.”

The idea of cultural immersion program came to Dr. Nathan while he was in Kazakhstan, a newly independent Central Asian nation, during his Senior Fulbright Scholarship.  He imagined how such a program would help when people of different cultures experience American culture and history.

Dr. Nathan’s expertise and involvement helped the project become a reality. “We are extremely grateful to Dr. Nathan, and looking forward to hosting scholars from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, India, and Nepal,” Dr. Coppola said.