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DATE: January 24, 2017

POSITION: Residence Life: Residence Life Student Assistant

DEPARTMENT: Student Life – Residence Life; Contact Nicole Kerekes; Email nicole.kerekes@keystone.edu

JOB PURPOSE: Assist with office tasks such as gathering information or results, organizing keys, making and distributing publicity, assist in other everyday office duties as requested by a Residence Life pro staff member.


  • Students may not work more than 10 hours per week
  • Once a schedule has been agreed upon, it is the responsibility of the student employee to:
    • Arrive at work on time, ready to perform position-related activities.
    • Notify supervisor in a timely manner if the he or she is unable to arrive at work on time.
    • Be considerate and reliable. Student workers represent Keystone College and must maintain the same standards expected of all faculty and staff.
    • Dress appropriately. In positions requiring regular contact with the public, attire conveys a degree of professionalism.
    • Perform work to the best of her/his ability and act in the best interests of the College.
    • Refrain from all personal activities, such as reading, phone calls, social networking, or class work or club activities during hours of employment; and refrain from using office equipment for personal reasons.


  • Above 2.5 GPA
  • No student conduct record within one calendar year
  • Must be able to work 5-10 hours per week
  • No outstanding sanctions for any prior violations  

TO APPLY: Please apply by visiting the Student Work Study Page on our website and clicking the Apply for a Work Study Job. Must be current Keystone College student and eligible for work study grant to apply. Visit our web page: https://www.keystone.edu/student-employment-and-work-study/how-to-apply/