Your Award Package

Securing Your Future

Your Annual Financial Aid Award Package will Include:

  • Cover Letter
    The cover letter introduces you to your financial aid award package.
  • Step by Step Guide to Securing your Financial Aid at Keystone College
    An interactive set of instructions to help you through the financial aid process.
  • Exclusive Financial Aid Award Notification
    The student’s copy of their awarded financial aid. It contains the student’s estimated cost of attendance (COA), the financial aid for which the student is eligible, and any requirements necessary for specific awards to be processed.
  • Financial Aid Award Acceptance Notification
    To be completed by the student and returned to the College. This allows the student the opportunity to accept, decline, or amend the aid for which they select to use. This document must be returned to the College in order for the selected awards to be processed and paid to the student’s Student Business services Account.
  • An Estimated Net Cost Worksheet
    A worksheet designed to help students and their families determine the estimated net cost for the year and if there is a need for alternative payment arrangements.   
  • An Intent to Enroll Notification Card
    In the event a student has not already done so, this card allows the student to inform the college of their intent to enroll and is typically returned accompanied by payment of the admissions deposit.
  • A Postage Paid Return Envelope
    A postage paid envelope is supplied which allows the student to return their Financial Aid Acceptance Notification, Intent to Enroll Cards, and Admissions Deposit.