Your Financial Award

When the College has determined, or been informed, that a student is eligible for any type of financial assistance, a financial aid award package is created. Once the award package has been received by the student there are a few steps necessary to confirm the student’s acceptance of the award(s) and to process the awards. 

First Time Students

  1. Award packages for traditional freshman students are typically available beginning in early March providing the student has been accepted to the College and the College is in receipt of the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  2. First time students will receive an estimated financial aid package if they have been selected for verification. Once verified a revised financial aid award notification will be sent in the event changes were made as a result of the verification process.

Returning Students

  1. Award packages are constructed for returning students upon completion of their FAFSA and/or the spring term. 
  2. Returning students selected for verification will not receive a financial aid award package until the verification is complete.

Developing Your Financial Aid Award Package

  1. When a financial aid award package is developed, the student’s eligibility for the federal Pell Grant is estimated first. It is the foundation upon which all other aid is awarded.
  2. Once a student’s federal Pell Grant and state grant eligibility is estimated, the student is then considered for Keystone College funds. The Admissions Office considers all students who apply to Keystone College for a non need-based merit scholarship upon acceptance to the College. Institutional scholarships and grants are awarded by financial need.
  3. In addition, students who demonstrate financial need as defined by the federal government may be considered for one or more or the following federal campus-based aid programs: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Perkins Loan, and Federal Work Study. 
  4. To meet those costs not covered by grants and scholarships, students may borrow under the Federal Direct Loan program, the Parent Plus Loan program, and/or one of a variety of alternative private loans.