International Student Aid

Funding for international student tuition can come from a combination of sources in the U.S. or abroad.

Funds from “Sponsors”

Sponsors are parents, relatives, friends, organizations that may provide you with financial support in the form of money and/or room and board. You may have as many sponsors as you need.

Personal Funds

Personal Funds come from your own resources, not those of your relatives. If your parents put money in your bank account, we will ask you to submit the evidence required of the sponsors. Unless you have enough cash to support yourself for your entire program of study or can prove other sources of personal income, you will need a sponsor with an income sufficient to support you.

Scholarships from Keystone

Keystone awards merit scholarships based on academic performance. However, not all college support covers the entire program of study or all expenses. Students may need additional support to meet the annual costs.

Certification of Finances and the I-20 Form

We may have to ask you to give us more proof of your funding – perhaps more than once. The U.S. government requires that we be sure, to the best of our ability, that you will have enough financial support during your stay.

It is strongly recommend that you submit your I-20 application, affidavit and evidence at the same time as you are applying to the college. This will make the process to receive your I-20 much quicker.

In order for Keystone to create the I-20 Form: