Entrance and Exit Counseling

Entrance Counseling for Direct Loan Borrowers

Federal regulations require new borrowers to complete entrance loan counseling requirements before their Direct Loan or Perkins Loan can be credited to their student account. Entrance loan counseling provides first-time borrowers with important information on borrower's rights and responsibilities.

Visit www.studentloans.gov to satisfy the Direct Loan entrance loan counseling requirements.

Keystone College also conducts loan entrance counseling sessions for all new students at all Mapping Day orientations.

Exit Counseling for Direct Loan Borrowers

Federal Regulations require the completion of exit loan counseling prior to graduation or withdrawal from the college. 

Exit counseling is designed to prepare borrowers for repayment and provide them with the important information on repayment and deferment options as well as the consequences of default. 

Visit www.studentloans.gov to satisfy the Direct Loan exit loan counseling requirements. Please have your 4 digit FAFSA pin available.

Keystone College also conducts exit counseling sessions for all graduating students at Grad Finale.

Entrance/Exit Interview Requirement for Stafford and Perkins Borrowers

The Higher Education Amendments of 1986 stipulates that schools must conduct entrance and exit interviews for all students borrowing from the Stafford and Perkins Loan programs.

Entrance interviews are conducted prior to the certification and crediting of the student's first loan. These interviews are intended to give new student loan borrowers pertinent information about the terms and conditions of the loan, the borrower's responsibilities, and the importance of meeting repayment obligations. During entrance interview counseling, students will also receive sample repayment tables that can be used to estimate monthly payments and information on when loan repayment begins.

Prior to graduation or upon withdrawal from the Keystone College, all Stafford and Perkins borrowers must attend an exit interview. Exit interviews are designed to prepare the student loan borrower for repayment. During the interview, the borrower will receive information on repayment options, consequences of default, deferments, loan consolidation, and communication with the lender and/or loan servicer.