Tuition Deferment

Tuition deferment is a payment option that allows you to defer all or a portion of your balance due to the College for a given semester when you are employed by a company that reimburses you for educational costs.


In order to be eligible for Deferment of Tuition Payment, a student must fulfill ALL of the following requirements for each semester/trimester in which you want to receive a deferred payment status:

Applying for Tuition Deferment

Submit a copy of your employer’s tuition reimbursement policy and a completed tuition deferment application, and one of the following, by the start of the term in which you want to receive a deferred payment status:

Original forms are preferred, however faxed forms are accepted. Necessary payments are required before an application is approved. A new application is required for each semester that a tuition deferment is requested.


Financial aid will be based on your cost of attendance (Cost of attendance is all expenses a student will incur including tuition, fees, living expenses, books, transportation and personal expenses.)


Payment is due to Keystone College within twenty one (21) days from the date the Registrar’s Office makes the grades available. See our payment options.

Refund Check and Book Vouchers

Refund checks and book vouchers are available to a student showing a valid credit balance or overpayment on their student account. Students eligible for refund checks are subject to the College’s refund policy.