Payment Plans

Keystone College's has payment plan options for students who are unable to pay in full by the stipulated invoice due date. If you need more time to pay your bill, contact the Office of Student Business Services, prior to the invoice due date, to find out more about the College payment plan options.

Tuition Management SystemsKeystone College participates in the Tuition Management Systems payment program. This tuition management program offers families the ability to make monthly payments while the student is in college, and eliminates the need to make lump sum payments prior to the beginning of each semester.

Families can budget an amount not to exceed total yearly charges less any financial aid that will be received. No interest is charged by TMS but there is a one time minimal fee each year.

Maximize your savings and income by utilizing this interest-free monthly payment option. It is low cost, easy to enroll in, and payments are simple as well.

*10, 9, and 8 month payment plans must account for fall and spring balances.