Email to FAX Service

Before we look at emailing and FAX sending, please remember that the best way to share files with other employees at Keystone College is to save the document to a file share.  A file share allows everyone that has access to the share to have access to the file.  This is the safest and most secure way to share information at Keystone College.  If you are a faculty member and you want to share a document with a student, using the Blackboard server is the preferred method of distribution. 

With that said, at Keystone College, like most companies and institutions, email has become the preferred way to send and receive text.  Word and Excel documents are commonly sent but in the past, they could be too large and caused storage issues.  The effects of this issue can be reduced with PDF Creator software.  PDF Creator works like a printer, but it creates a compressed PDF file that is much smaller than the original and can be read on any computer.

Most of the new Gestetner copier/printers also have scan to email capabilities.  It is faster than the postal service and it provides better quality output than FAX copies.  Scanning to email is almost as easy as making a photocopy.  This allows an employee to scan a document that is sent to them as an email attachment.  From there, the employee can forward the document to anyone with an email address.

If by chance FAX is the only way that a company will accept, a document the College does have the ability to email to a FAX machine.  To use the email to FAX service you can either open a new email in Outlook or forward an email that you received.  If the FAX is a Word document, PDF file or some other file format, you will need to open a new email.  If you sent the email to yourself from the scanner, you can forward that email.

The main difference between email to FAX and a normal email is the address.  The address for a FAX is [fax:number].  Where number, is the FAX number that you want to receive the FAX.  For example: If you need to send a FAX to (717) 555-1234, the address would be [fax:7175551234].

The next set is filling in the cover page information.  This is very easy to do since the cover page is automatically generated from the email itself.  The subject of the email will be the subject of the cover page.  The body of the email will be the notes section on the cover page.  

The last step is to attach the document file or files and click send.  The attached file or files will be the FAX itself.  The email server will send the file to the FAX server and the FAX server will connect to the receiving FAX machine.  After the FAX is sent, you will receive a confirmation via email.  If the FAX server has any problems sending the FAX, you will receive an email explaining the error. 

If you have any questions on the techniques described above, please call the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 945-8778.