Student Activities Crew

The Student Activities Crew, guided by the Office of Student Activities at Keystone College, strives to provide as many free and fun events as possible each semester. If you are looking for an exciting way to meet other students and make new friends, look no further.

All Keystone College students are eligible to take part in all S.A.C. sponsored events including homecoming weekend, spring fling week, DJ Bingo, bus trips, and much more.

Get Paid KC Kash to Attend

Students who attend the Student Activities Crew sponsored events get paid with KC Kash tokens. KC Kash tokens are given out at all Student Activities Crew sponsored events. These tokens are worth $1 and can be redeemed in the Office of Student Activities for a voucher. This money is placed on your student ID and can be used in the Giants' Grill, Bookstore, and the Student Restaurant.

When and where are these events?

KC GiantThe Keystone College online events calendar has the most recent listing of S.A.C. sponsored events and activities offered on campus. 

There are also bulletin boards in each residence hall and in the Hibbard Campus Center, dedicated to student events and activities. All bulletin boards are updated on a weekly basis so keep your eyes open for new events! Also, check your e-mail each morning for the KC Morning E-Notes!!

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If you are on the Keystone network of Facebook, visit Student Activities Crew page.