Commuter Council

Commuter Council is made up of commuter students who are interested in supporting and advocating for all commuter students and their needs on campus. They are composed of undergraduate commuters both living at home and in off-campus housing. 

The purpose/mission of the organization is to help ease commuter students into college life. Our council meetings are great because you can hang out with other people that travel and have knowledge of what’s going on around campus. It’s important to have that connection from commuting to campus. Keystone College's website says it best “Keystone College will transform lives by inspiring and empowering a community where learning flourishes”.


Commuter Luncheons charged with F.U.E.L. (Fast, Useful, Educational Luncheons) - ALWAYS FREE. Once a month, we provide the lunch and you bring your appetite. Join other commuter students for a buffet-style lunch as our way of saying THANK YOU.

Our luncheon dates for the rest of the semester are: October 14 and November 18 from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

Don't forget to check out our bulletin board located between the first and second floors of the Hibbard Campus Center for other upcoming events!

The Commuter Council also serves as the organization that recruits Commuter representatives to serve on the Student Government Association (SGA) and Council of Clubs. The Commuter Council is actively seeking more commuter involvement. If you're interested in serving on the Council please contact- Wendy Kramer in Patrick Hall OR see our list of officers below!

Any ideas for programs, events/ activities are welcome

Your opinion is always valued

Being part of commuter council is a great way to have your voice heard


Contact Information

Luci McConkey
Phone: 570-945-8258
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