Alliance of Prospective Physicians (APP)

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The Alliance of Prospective Physicians (APP) is a student organization / club committed to helping any student who is interested in pursuing a career in the health care field as a physician prepare for medical school.

  1. Create opportunities for collaboration between APP and the Commonwealth Medical College
  2. Create opportunities for volunteering and hands-on experience at local hospitals and clinics
  3. Create a comprehensive study guide for key competencies that will be assessed at the
    undergraduate level


The rationale behind the founding of APP are addressed in more detail in the following online documents:

"Entering medical students should be more evenly prepared for the study of medicine, allowing medical schools to spend less time teaching or reviewing the basic competencies and more time learning the growing scientific knowledge base needed to practice modern medicine."
-The Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians (SFFP) Committee
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"The college years should not be designed primarily to prepare students for professional schools. College should be a time to explore and stretch academically and intellectually; to engage creatively in an expansive liberal arts education encompassing literature, languages, the arts, humanities, and social sciences; and to prepare for citizenship in society. Included in this foundation should be analytic, writing, and communications skills; fluency and a nuanced facility in English; mastery of a foreign language; the basis for understanding human behavior, appreciating societal structure and function, achieving cultural awareness, and facilitating a habit of lifelong self-education; and in-depth, sustained, independent study, which fosters deep reflection, an active role in acquiring knowledge, and scholarly ownership in an area of inquiry."

-Jules L. Dienstag, M.D.
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Joe Falcone, Associate Professor and Chairperson, NSM Division
Phone: 945-8413
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