Work Study Application Procedure

Students must submit a FAFSA each year in order to be awarded a Work Study assignment. Students will be notified of the Work Study award when they receive their financial aid package from the Keystone College Office of Financial Assistance and Planning. The Work Study award included in the student’s financial aid package is an offer, not a guarantee for employment.

Once the student receives their financial assistance package and has been notified of their award, they can apply for a work study position.

Procedures to Apply for Work Study

1. Students should contact the hiring supervisor and submit online application if they are interested in applying for any available Work Study job. No new positions will be filled prior to the first day of the fall semester classes.

2. If selected for a position by the hiring supervisor, the student will be directed to meet a Coordinator of Student Employment to complete the student employment contract and payroll paperwork.

3. Students new to the Work Study program at Keystone College will need to complete payroll paperwork.

Students who have previously held a Work Study position and already submitted these forms may not need to do so again.

4. Return the Employment Contract and payroll paperwork to the Financial Assistance and Planning Office after it has been signed by the hiring supervisor.

5. A Direct deposit form (optional) may be filled out in the Payroll Office in Ward Hall.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may not begin their Work Study assignment until all paperwork has been completed and returned to the Financial Assistance and Planning Office and Payroll.