Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising at Keystone College is to insure that all matriculating students are clearly informed of the requirements of their major, meet with and developed a positive relationship with their academic adviser and have used these tools to identify future goals and aspirations.

Academic Advisers

Upon entry to Keystone College, all students are assigned academic advisers appropriate to their majors. These academic advisers help students coordinate their academic plans during their years at the College. The academic advisers also help their advisees plan for graduation; however, the student assumes full responsibility for meeting graduation requirements. To view the name of your assigned academic adviser, log on to My KC.

Changing Your Major

If you wish to change your major, please discuss your desire to change with the curriculum coordinator or an adviser in the desired major to insure that you understand the curriculum requirements and the future career opportunities. A "change of major" form must be completed in order to formally change your major.

The form must be signed by your current adviser and by the division chairperson or curriculum coordinator of the desired major.

Changing Your Academic Adviser

Although students rarely change their academic adviser, there are instances when a student develops a good rapport with a particular faculty member and wishes to request that he/she act as their adviser. In that case, a student must fill out the "change of adviser" form, to formally change their adviser. The form must be signed by your current adviser and by the new adviser.

Curriculum Sheets

This form can be used to track progress toward meeting the requirements for graduation in your declared major or in exploring the possibility of making a major change.

If you would like assistance in filling out a curriculum sheet, please make an appointment with your academic adviser.

Weekly Planning Guide

The weekly planning guide is a tool that will help you plan your class schedule for the upcoming semester. Please click the link to print a weekly planning guide.