Supplemental Instruction

students tutoring

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program designed to assist students in comprehending and understanding historically difficult subject material through peer-facilitated review sessions. Students meet weekly for mandatory and voluntary study sessions with their designated SI Leader, a student chosen by committee, who has completed the class with exemplary grades.

Meetings normally consist of reviewing lecture notes, test preparation, and occasionally games structured around the course material. SI leaders do not lecture new material, nor do they repeat lectures given by the course professor. Instead, they facilitate discussion and ensure that sessions remain on task, while the questions asked and answered are the sole responsibility of the students. The SI Leader also acts as a model student and provides proper note-taking and study techniques for the students to emulate.

History of Supplemental Instruction

Reactions to Supplemental Instruction

Below are quotes gathered via impartial survey from Keystone College students who have taken courses with SI sections: