Sexual Offense Advocates

The Keystone College Sexual Offense Advocate Response (S.O.A.R) team is made up of members of the campus community who have been trained to serve as advocates and assist sexual assault survivors.

What to Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

1. Get to a safe location and call or talk to a trusted friend about the sexual offense.

2. If the sexual offense has occurred recently, the survivor should try to preserve evidence of the offense. To preserve evidence of the offense, the survivor should not shower or bathe, urinate, douche, or change clothing before going to the hospital. If clothing has been changed, it is important to place the clothing worn during the offense in a pillowcase or paper, not plastic, bag and bring that and any other items involved in the offense.

3. Regardless of where the assault occurred, all survivors can contact a S.O.A.R. team member through a Resident Assistant, Resident Director or Commuter Assistant.

4. The survivor can seek immediate medical attention at an area hospital. A representative from the Women’s Resource Center or the Victims Resource Center can/will be present at the hospital to offer support and counseling.

NOTE: All reports of a sexual offense taken at a hospital will be reported to the local police agency by law; this does not mean the survivor has to press charges.

How a S.O.A.R. Team Member Can Help

The S.O.A.R. Team members are volunteers who have been trained to serve as advocates and assist sexual assault survivors in several ways:

A survivor can contact any S.O.A.R. team member after normal business hours by contacting the Department of Campus Safety office at on-campus ext. 8989. The on-duty Campus Safety Officer will contact a S.O.A.R team member and will not ask any specific information other than a phone number where you can be reached. The S.O.A.R. team member will call you back.

When contacted, a S.O.A.R. team member will advise the survivor of his/her on or off-campus counseling options, explain resources available to the survivor, limits of confidentiality, and the options for reporting the sexual offense:

* Please note that Campus Safety Officers MUST do an investigation if you report a sexual offense to them. To file an anonymous report (or no report at all), contact a S.O.A.R. team member rather than Campus Safety.*


24– hour hot line numbers:

Women's Resource Center in Scranton (570) 346-4671
Victims Resource Center in Tunkhannock (570) 836- 5544
The Scranton Counseling Center (570) 348-6100
Community Medical Center (CMC), Scranton   (570) 969-8000
Mercy Tyler Hospital, Tunkhannock (570) 836-2161
Pennsylvania State Police Comm. Center (570) 836-6161 or 911
Counseling Services
Emily Holmes (570) 945-8389
Campus Resources
Campus Safety (24 hours) (570) 945-8989
Campus Safety Office (570) 945-8997
Health Services (570) 945-8255
Residence Life (570) 945-8271
Area Coordinator On-Duty      (570) 840-8473
Commuter Life (570) 945-8442

S.O.A.R. Team Members

Marie Andreoli 570-945-8492
Deborah Belknap 570-945-8480
Darlene Catlett 570-945-8313
Sharon Clark 570-945-8302
Patti Davis 570-945-8424
Maria Fanning 570-945-8167
Emily Holmes 570-945-8312
Samantha Hoover 570-945-8389
Nicole Langan 570-945-8271
Alberta Grushinski 570-945-8373
Alice Kman 570-945-8256
Jennifer Sekol 570-945-8117
Kourtney Shick 570-945-8314
Vicki Stanavich 570-945-8410
Lucas Taylor 570-945-8253
Tessa Wright 570-945-8307
Karen Yarrish 570-945-8435