Counseling Referral

Counseling Services are provided to anyone in the campus community. If you think a student would benefit from our counseling services, you can refer them directly to Counseling Services at Keystone College.

When to Make a Referral

To help you identify those students who may need support and professional assistance, learn the signs and symptoms of distress.

Learn The Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

How to Make a Referral

The counseling referral system is confidential and can be used by anyone in the campus community. When ever possible please accompany or refer the student directly to Counseling Services.


The cornerstone of the counseling relationship.

Students need a sense of privacy and protection to feel comfortable enough to open up about their issues and concerns. Campus Counseling services are free and confidential to the extent of the law. Counseling records are considered separate from academic records.

However, there are exceptions:

  1. If the student has a plan to kill him/herself.
  2. If the student has a plan to kill someone else.
  3. The student has abused a child or elder.
  4. There is a legal subpoena for the counselor to testify at court.
  5. The student provides written consent that information can be released to a third party.