Meet Your RA

Ashley Evans
Major: Psychology
Class of: 2015
Hometown: Wooster, Ohio
Assigned Residence Hall: 210 College Avenue B

Favorite flavor ice cream:

Interesting thing about you:
I love my mom and my sister Adrian more than anything in this world.

Favorite spot on campus:
The gym

Why did you choose your major?
I’ve always been a people person and loved helping people. I took a psychology class in high school and it really interested me, so I decided to continue on with it.

Why did you decide on Keystone College?
I was recruited here for basketball.

What do you like most about Keystone?
I love the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention from a professor.

Favorite member of the Keystone Family:
Owen Conaghan

My favorite class:
Anything with Dr. Chase

Give one thing you were surprised to discover at Keystone College:
How close everyone is on campus. Since this is a smaller campus, you get the chance to know everyone.

Advice for future students:
Be active on campus. Attend campus events, play a sport, or join a club. It makes the college experience that much better when you’re surrounded by great friends.

In my spare time:
I like to play basketball, hang out with friends, or go to the movies.

Future Goals/Plans:
To attend graduate school for psychology/counseling.

How do you feel KC has, or will, help you in attaining these goals?
I’ve been able to receive a lot of attention and help in my class which has helped me excel in the classroom.

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