Meet Your RA

Jamie Blockberger (SRA)
Major: Secondary Social Studies Education
Class of: 2016
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
Assigned Residence Hall: Hollinshead Hall

Favorite flavor ice cream:

Interesting thing about you:
I love jellyfish.  Think Seven Pounds—the movie.

Favorite spot on campus:
Miller Library—upstairs where the comfortable chairs are!

Why did you choose your major?
I love history and I love teaching others.

Why did you decide on Keystone College?
Financially, it was my best option.  Keystone is also close enough to my home that I can always make it back there if I want, but it is also far enough away to get the “college experience”.

What do you like most about Keystone?
The professors and other faculty members on campus seem to truly care.

Favorite member of the Keystone Family:

My favorite class:
Making the Modern World: History 101 with Kerry Roe

Give one thing you were surprised to discover at Keystone College:
I was surprised to find such a close knit community.

Advice for future students:
Stay on top of your grades and find a good crowd to be involved with.  Most importantly, learn how to prioritize.

In my spare time:
I like to spend time working out, playing Xbox when there’s time, and hanging out with friends.

Future Goals/Plans:
To finish out my undergraduate degree and pursue a Master’s and PhD in History. From there, I would like to either become a high school History teacher or a college professor.

How do you feel KC has, or will, help you in attaining these goals?
Keystone is a smaller campus, which has made it easier to get involved and to meet the people that will help me reach my goals.

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