Meet Your RA

Nichole Blank
Major: Culinary Arts and Business Management
Class of: 2016
Hometown: Boyertown, PA
Assigned Residence Hall: West Campus

Favorite flavor ice cream:
Come on, no one has one favorite flavor. I love all ice cream but cookie dough.

Interesting thing about you:
Despite how small I am, I am the goal keeper for Keystone College field hockey team.

Favorite spot on campus:
The main floor in the library. The library will become your best friend here—trust me!

Why did you choose your major?
I have always been involved in culinary arts and after studying it at a technical school, I decided this was what I wanted to do with my life. However, I always had a dream to have my own business, so I wanted to major in business as well.

Why did you decide on Keystone College?
Small classes and campus, sports, had my majors, and it was pretty close to home.

What do you like most about Keystone?
The small classes and that the professors really care about their students. Here you are a name, not a number. The campus clubs and RAs do a great job at making college fun.

Favorite member of the Keystone Family:
I have a couple because Keystone College is full of inspiring people…Brenda Lidy, Melodie Jordan and Amber Comstock.

My favorite class:
Culinary lab…I get to cook and eat for four hours a day.

Give one thing you were surprised to discover at Keystone College:
There are no elevators in the dorms! And how important it is to be a “student athlete” here. Athletes are students first and grades are very important.

Advice for future students:
Get involved in as much as you can, it makes your college experience more fun and worth it. However, stay on top of your school work and use the resources Keystone offers.

In my spare time:
I love hanging out with friends, cooking, going to the gym, and of course playing field hockey.

Future Goals/Plans:
I want to travel the world first to learn different cuisines. Then I want to become a professional chef for a pro athlete. Later on in life I want to live in Arizona and open my own bar and bistro.

How do you feel KC has, or will, help you in attaining these goals?
The classes I am taking do a great job at teaching me skills I will need to perform the duties I will be required to do in my job. The professors also connect their life experiences with their lesson plans.

Anything else you want to share:
Have fun here at Keystone College, meet new people, and stay involved!

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