Meet Your RA

Jerica Rode (SRA)
Major: Physical Therapy
Class of: 2015
Hometown: Lords Valley, PA
Assigned Residence Hall: 39 College Ave

Favorite flavor ice cream:
Mint Chocolate Chip

Interesting thing about you:
Two ACL surgeries

Favorite spot on campus:
Back campus

Why did you choose your major?
My surgeries played a big role in my decision.

Why did you decide on Keystone College?
Fell in love at my visit.

What do you like most about Keystone?
Small classes

Favorite member of the Keystone Family:
President Boehm

My favorite class:

Give one thing you were surprised to discover at Keystone College:
How much professors actually know about you

Advice for future students:
Take advantage of all opportunities at Keystone!

In my spare time:
Play basketball

Future Goals/Plans:
Open my own Physical Therapy Clinic

How do you feel KC has, or will, help you in attaining these goals?
Gives me a good place to start

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